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  • Ice and Water Dispenser DCM-270BAH

    The DCM-270BAH is a sanitary and durable commercial grade system for ice and filtered water dispensing. Featuring Chewblet® ice machine technology, it is a popular choice among many workplaces to help satisfy their hydration needs.

    • Countertop and Tower models
    • Up to 282 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice nuggets per day
    • Ideal fit for working environments with up to 50 people

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    The DCM-270BAH is sanitary and durable commercial grade system for ice and filtered water dispensing which also offers many other benefits:

    • Produces consumer-preferred, soft Chewblet® ice
    • Modular stand transforms the unit from countertop to a floor standing dispenser (optional)
    • An Advanced CleanCycle24™ design activates a flushing and cleaning of the reservoir and evaporator every 24 hours for cleaner ice and added hygiene
    • Provides the lowest energy and water usage of similar capacity ice machines
    • Stainless steel exteriors and dispensing area facilitate regular and professional cleaning practices
    • H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial protection agent which prevents bacterial, fungi, and microbial growth
    Ice and Water Dispenser DCM-270BAH image

    This dispenser can produce up to 282 lbs of the popular, soft Chewblet® ice per day. Able to store an extra 10 lbs, this unit is recommended for workplace environments with up to 50 employees

    Dimensions Countertop dimensions: 16.56” (W) x 31.68” (H)* x 24.12” (D)
    Stand dimensions: 16.56” (W) x 35.18” (H)* x 24.12” (D)

    *includes 4" legs
    Filtration supplied Carbon & sediment
    Countertop weight 110 lbs
    Dispensing area height 7.9"
    Ice storage capacity 10 lbs
    Water Temperature 40-90°F
    Ice production per day Up to 282 lbs
    Additional features Corrosion resistant stainless steel exteriors; Advanced CleanCycle24™ technology removes sediment for cleaner ice;
    H-GUARD Plus antimicrobial agent protect against bacterial, fungi, and microbial growth.

    Download helpful information here about the Ice and Water Dispenser DCM-270BAH.