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  • Water coolers for sale
    Water coolers for sale from Waterlogic

    Our reliable water coolers provide your workplace with an unlimited supply of great tasting filtered drinking water.

    Waterlogic products to buy

    Our water dispensers provide cold, hot and sparkling water options meeting the needs of any workplace environment. Take a look at our most popular products below.

    WL2 Firewall® - Cold & hot water in an instant

    Image of product WL2 Firewall® - Cold & hot water in an instant
    The WL2 Firewall® dispenses excellent purified water, has a simple operation, sleek design and is suitable for any small-medium working environment.


    • Up to 99.999% COVID-secure
    • Enjoy cold & hot water
    • Perfect for up to 30 users
    • BioCote®️ antimicrobial protection
    • Countertop available for smaller spaces

    WL800 Max II - For high demand environments

    Image of product WL800 Max II - For high demand environments
    High capacity water dispenser for demanding environments


    • Enjoy cold & hot water
    • Tall dispensing area idea for large jugs and carafes
    • Perfect for environments that demand frequent refills
    • Reverse Osmosis filtration to ensure high quality water
    • Peace of mind with leak detection

    WL270 - High Traffic Water Service

    Image of product WL270 - High Traffic Water Service
    Specifically designed for use where water quality is very poor, this smart dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume.


    • Tower Model
    • Cold, Hot and Ambient Water
    • Ultraviolet Light Sanitization
    • Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration
    • Leak Detection Sensor

    WL290 - Built for 50+ users

    Image of product WL290 - Built for 50+ users
    Specifically designed for use where water quality is very poor, this smart dispenser delivers both superb quality and high volume. As one of our most innovative machines, its much more than your average water cooler.


    • Can deliver for 50+ users
    • Reverse Osmosis or Carbon filtration options
    • In-tank UV protection

    DCM Ice and Water Dispenser

    Image of product DCM Ice and Water Dispenser
    The DCM-270BAH is a sanitary and durable commercial grade system for ice and filtered water dispensing. Featuring Chewblet® ice machine technology,


    • Countertop and Tower models
    • Up to 282 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice nuggets per day
    • Ideal fit for working environments with up to 50 people

    Why businesses choose water coolers for sale from Waterlogic

    Water drops icon

    Unlimited Water Forever

    Buying a bottleless water cooler guarantees a continuous supply of pure great tasting water for the future. Waterlogic offers a range of water coolers that are flexible to your business needs, no matter your budget.

    Contract Icon

    No Long Contracts

    If your business is looking for a more permanent alternative to renting, Waterlogic offers you the chance to buy a water dispenser outright. This allows you to make the decisions about your budget and service options.

    Savings Icon

    No Monthly Costs

    Buying a water dispenser out-right allows you to budget for a one-time payment. This method means you’ll miss out on any service options but it does mean you will save on the fixed monthly rental costs and maintenance fees.

    Leaf Icon

    Reduce your Co2

    Bottleless water coolers are a more sustainable option that is friendlier to the environment. Removing the need for plastic bottle use and delivery can help reduce your business’ plastic wastage and carbon footprint by up to 72%.

    Water Coolers for sale

    Buy our coolers hassle free

    Once you buy a water cooler or water dispenser from Waterlogic you can leave the rest to us. Our trained technicians will install your bottleless water machine by connecting it directly to your building’s existing water supply, with no disruptions to your work day. We’ll also walk you through using and maintaining your Waterlogic machine so you have full confidence in providing your office with limitless water.

    Interested in renting?

    If you’re interested in renting a Water Cooler to gain the benefits of low monthly costs with servicing and maintenance included you can rent a water cooler by requested a free quote below: