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  • The Right Water Cooler For Your Office

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    The Right Water Cooler For Your Office

    With a range of bottleless water cooler available, Waterlogic can help you find the right water option for your office.

    Choosing the right water cooler for your office may sound simple. However, with the range of bottleless water cooler choices, trying to arrange the morning coffee orders for your team could be an easier task! Did you remember that triple-shot, venti, soy, no-foam latte?

    Which water cooler is right for my office?

    We strive to help customers choose the best suited water solution for their office and after 25 years of experience in supplying water coolers, Waterlogic has a variety of products depending on your office size and industry to help suit your drinking water needs.

    Our product line will help you decide if you need a free-standing or counter top dispenser.

    Where should the water cooler be located?

    A bottleless cooler can be installed within any location in your office, the most popular areas being the kitchen or break room. The installation is seamless and a Waterlogic engineer will also come out to regularly maintain and service your dispenser.

    The location of the water system is important because you want your employees and customers to have easy access which give you higher productivity and the opportunity to provide a better service. Many customers place their water coolers in a breakroom, kitchen, warehouse or lobby.

    Try to think about the following:

    • Do I have enough space to put the water cooler in this area?
    • How far will my colleagues, staff or visitors have to walk to reach the water cooler?
    • Will the cooler block any walkways?

    Why Waterlogic?

    Tap water may taste poor but the Waterlogic coolers provide your employees, customers and business partners with the highest quality and purified filtered water. With the choice of various models, you can find one to suit all your water needs at the best price.

    Stylish Designs

    Waterlogic water coolers come in free-standing or countertop options. Designed to suit every workplace, our water cooler will add to the aesthetic of your office.

    Hassle Free Installation

    Every Waterlogic bottleless water cooler is delivered, installed and routinely serviced by a fully qualified engineer.

    Environmentally Friendly

    At Waterlogic, our efforts and dedicated to developing advanced purification technologies that are environmentally friendly, saving you from using plastic bottles.

    Flexible Machines

    We understand that all offices are unique with individual needs. Waterlogic provide a diverse range of water solutions to meet any business requirement.