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Do more and waste less with a bottleless water cooler

Do more and waste less with a bottleless water cooler

If you want an affordable yet endless supply of filtered water in your workplace, a bottleless watercooler is a perfect choice. Not only does a bottleless watercooler guarantee fresh, clean water to hydrate your team, it can remove unnecessary distractions and increase workplace efficiency.

For example, an integrated bottleless watercooler eliminates time-intensive tasks such as planning a water delivery, settling invoices, and both the storing and removing of plastic bottles from your workspace. Moreover, with an integrated supply, you make the sustainable choice by avoiding the collection and delivery of large plastic water bottles therefore reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

Your workday is busy enough. No one wants to miss that Friday deadline because you must take time out of your day to organize the next water bottle delivery, pay invoices or lug heavy plastic bottles through your office. Not to mention the risk of injury, if an employee trips and falls over an empty container.

If you replace your bottled water cooler with a Waterlogic bottle water system, you not only free up your time to focus on hitting that deadline but you can also use the storage space in ways that adds value to your office such as a new hot desk for visitors.

What steps has your business taken to do more, waste less?

In the USA The Zero waste alliance has recognized Whole foods and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. for reducing their impact on landfill by over 90%, if your business is looking to follow in the footsteps of companies that are making a difference, a bottleless water cooler could be a great place to start!

Four workplace benefits of a bottleless water cooler

Woman by hot water dispenser drinking tea

If you choose a bottled water cooler, a member of staff must plan deliveries, collect and remove bottles, process invoices, as well as predict how much water to order each month. Every activity is a distraction. Even a brief interruption can double an employee’s error rate.

In short, it’s crucial to let your team focus on their job.

A Waterlogic water dispenser integrates into your office water supply, which means one-time installation and no recurring distractions. Your team can accomplish more at work, while you could save up to 70% on your costs by tapping into your existing supply instead of having water delivered. Better still, you can take steps towards going plastic-free and reducing material waste.

1. Save time to focus on the day job

If you have a bottled supply, you must arrange for both the delivery of full bottles and the collection of empties, alongside finding space to store them all.

By switching to a bottleless water dispenser, you eliminate the plastic bottles from your workspace, saving up to $3,500 on annual waste disposal costs. Better still, you lose no time in organizing deliveries and can focus on your job, which could boost your productivity by 40%.

2. More space

Water bottles are big, office rent is expensive: based on the assumption that bottles are stored in a standard size 3 tier bottle rack, that takes up 1.55 sq. ft. worth of space and based on the average office space cost of $23.23 per square feet. 3 bottles using a single 3 tier rack costing $36p/m (23.23 x 1.55) would cost $432 p/y and 6 bottles will use space worth $864 p/y. Worse, empty water bottles are potential trip hazards with work-place injuries costing US businesses over $1bn per week.

A free standing dispenser removes the hazard and frees up space, allowing for additional desks, printer space or another spot for your team to relax in: a well-designed office can boost productivity by as much as 20%.

3. Green credentials bolster your reputation

Small vehicles, such as water delivery trucks, contribute 17% the total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions each year. Bottleless water dispensers not only eliminate the need for collection and delivery of water bottles meaning fewer trucks on the road, but they also reduce reliance on plastic altogether. When you take into account for every kilogram of plastic produced it creates six kilograms of carbon dioxide, reducing the amount we use helps reduce our environmental impact. Considering 87% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands who advocate for an issue they care about, not only will improve the sustainability of your office but it align your business values with those of your customers’.

4. Stops you throwing money down the drain

At an average use of 12,000 gallons per month, Americans pay between $50 - $135 for water, as shown in the image below.

If you’re already paying for the privilege, why add a second bottled supply to your outgoings? Moreover, as the weather warms up during the summer months, your employees will drink more—which could create a sudden surge in unexpected costs.

In an office of 150 employees, you could save as much as $855 per month by switching to a Waterlogic plumb-in dispenser, freeing money to invest in new hardware, upgraded equipment, or save money which can be spent on an office team building day. Waterlogic rents coolers at a fixed cost, no matter the demand, and a bi-annual maintenance schedule guarantees no sudden fees.

Do more, waste less is win-win for all

By switching to a bottleless water dispenser, you can increase your workplace productivity by removing the distractions of a bottled supply. You avoid the overheads of delivery and collection, eliminate the risks of storing bottles, and free valuable office space for a better use than storage.

Waterlogic bottleless water dispensers have green credentials as well. Designed with an environment-first mindset, these eco-friendly watercoolers conserve energy, fuel, and time by eliminating transport, storage, and the disposal of bottles, helping you have a positive impact on the environment, helping you to reduce your business’ carbon footprint by 72%.