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Power technology, compact design: WL380


With so many water contaminant issues displayed in the media now days, it’s imperative for all of us to have quality drinking water available, especially at work – where we spend so much of our time.

Keeping in mind the importance of bacteria-free drinking water, Waterlogic an industry-leading bottleless water cooler service provider, created the WL380 to provide peace of mind and purity in every glass.

We take pride in manufacturing bottleless water dispensers with advance technology and design that will provide healthy and great tasting water and the WL380 is no exception to the state-of-the-art product lineup. With a high performance filtration system and our Firewall technology that guarantees 99.9999% pure water, this water cooler proves that not all water coolers are created equal.

“With our new WL380 water cooler, the Firewall technology guarantees water that is safe to drink while having a modern look,” says Lisa Vanwyngarden, Senior Manager, Business Development and Marketing. “The new user interface with touch sensitive controls only requires a slight touch to operate and the internal monitoring system with LED status lights gives peace of mind that all the purification technologies inside are working properly.”

The Waterlogic WL380 brings breakthrough Firewall™ water purification to your office in a compact modern design. With high performance filtration and Firewall ultraviolet technology that purifies water to 99.9999% bacteria free, you can now provide the best in water quality to your employees and guests.

The Firewall™ technology has been tested and certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI-55 Class A UV and NSF P231 meeting the U.S. EPA Guide

Standard for Testing of Microbiological Water Purifiers. This means that Firewall delivers the cleanest, safest water possible.

As a perfect fit for any workplace, the WL380 is also equipped with:

  • Water options: cold, hot, extra hot and ambient
  • Leak Detection
  • BioCote antimicrobial protection to reduce the spread of germs
  • Energy Star certified and eco-friendly

Connecting directly to your water supply with a hassle-free installation, the WL380 will provide your workplace with an endless supply of fresh and great tasting water.

For more information about the WL380, fill out the form or give us a call and talk to one of our water experts.