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WL7 Firewall at Stewart Lender Services


Waterlogic recently installed seven different bottleless water dispensers across Stewart Lender Services in Wilmington, Delaware.

Working in a busy environment meant staff found themselves away from work stations for long periods of time, waiting and taking turns to use the coffee maker and kettle for copious cups of tea. This not only ate into their lunch breaks but they found a build up of sediments inside their kettle. With numerous Waterlogic dispensers providing cold, ambient, hot and sparkling water options, staff and guests are now happier and assured of drinking bacteria-free water.

Our certified technicians completed swift delivery, seamless installation and ensured each and every water dispenser was running perfectly. Since installation, Mike Dufner of Stewart has informed the Waterlogic team, the staff and guests are enjoying the stylish water dispensers that have modernized the Wilmington location and have found Waterlogic to be the best in providing fresh and healthy water.

Don't just take our word for it. Look what Stewart Lender Services are saying:

Mike Dufner of Stewart says “I think our Waterlogic WL7 Firewall cooler is great. I drink the sparkling water on a daily basis and always find it refreshing and because of the purification system, I know it is clean. Great water system and great looking cooler. We would recommend Waterlogic to anyone because they offer quality products and a great service. We also tested the WL7 Firewall which is a great water system and stylish design”.