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  • What's in your water?

    Do you know what may be lurking in your tap water? The filters inside Waterlogic coolers can help purify various contaminants from your drinking water, so you can enjoy great tasting water on tap every day. Below is a guideline chart that shows you which type of Waterlogic filter is best suited to remove specific water contaminants*.

    Contamination Filtration Chart

      Micron size required for contaminant removal
      What do you want to remove? 20 micron 10 micron 1 micron Ultrafiltration Reverse
      Beach Sand
      Human Hair
      Yeast Cells
      Paint Pigment
      Blue Indigo Dye
      Red Blood Cells
      Giardia Cyst
      Aqueous Salts
      Atomic Radius
      Metal Ion
      Synthetic Dye
      Sediment Carbon Block
      Carbon Block
      Reverse Osmosis
      Filters We Would Suggest Granular Carbon (GAC) Polyphosphate

      *The above chart is used as a guideline – always ensure filters are certified and refer to the product data sheer for specific contaminant removal information.

    Why is this in my water?

    Find out why a specific contaminant may be in your tap water, and what you can do to remove it.