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  • Water Fluoridation in Texas


    Texas fluoride information

    Areas Most Affected

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    Texas Water Fluoridation Facts


    The % of the population drinking water with fluoride above recommended levels


    Number of counties in Texas above the recommended fluoridation level


    Texas has the 16th highest fluoridation level compared to other states.

    Highest Fluoride Levels in Texas

    Borden fluoride level

    Roosevelt fluoride level

    Hidalgo fluoride level

    Lowest Fluoride Levels in Texas

    Adams fluoride level

    Vance fluoride level

    Community fluoride level

    Fluoride and Texas Drinking Water

    Texas has naturally high occurring levels of fluoride compared to other states across the US. This is due to natural oil deposits, and rocks and sediments such as granite that add this natural fluoride to water sources. This is also why the presence of calcium fluoride within public drinking water is also frequent across the state.

    Texas is among one of the top 20 states with the highest fluoride level, and currently has 116 counties that are supplied by water sources that are above the recommended fluoride water concentration set by the U.S Department of Health and Human Services in April 2015.

    Some counties, such as Borden with 5.50mg/L, Roosevelt with 4.37 mg/L and Hidalgo seeing 4.35 mg/L, experience fluoride levels in their water sources that are way beyond these recommended levels. This could be down to the fact that the state of Texas does not mandate fluoride in drinking water within their 1449 water sources, it is down to local government to control their own fluoride levels.

    Despite this lack of State control, more and more cities have elected to remove fluoride from their water, including: San Marcos, College Station, Lago Vista, Alamo Heights, and Elgin City Council.

    Problems associated with Fluoridation in the USA

    For decades the amount of fluoride added to our water supplies , has sparked some heated debate amongst those for and against its application. Using detailed research we've taken a look at the history of fluoridation and how these recent updates on the recommended levels of fluoride by the department of health affects every day Americans.