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Water Coolers For Every Environment

Perfect water for the workplace

Waterlogic POU dispensers bring the purest, freshest, most fantastic-tasting water to the workplace and the home. Premium quality means premium performance. A top-notch office water cooler at work provides great hydration, which translates into better productivity. You can choose from chilled, sparkling, ambient or hot options, and there are high-capacity office water dispensers for the busiest workplace.

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Drinking water solutions for every environment

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High tech water coolers perfect for any office environment. Over 100,000 U.S. offices are enjoying the great taste of purified water. Waterlogic's water coolers and ice dispensers, seamlessly connect to your existing water supply and purify it at the point of dispense, giving your workplace an unlimited amount of water.

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Healthy hydration on hand throughout the kindergarden, school, college, or university day. Keep students and teachers alike refreshed, hydrated and fully focussed with Waterlogic’s range of high-volume dispensers.

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Waterlogic’s hygiene-first approach is underpinned by our patented technology ensuring every drop of water you enjoy from our Firewall® dispensers is virtually free from bacteria and viruses like Legionella and COVID-19.

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Gyms & Spas

Pure, safe, and great tasting limitless water to help your members stay hydrated throughout their workout.

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High-volume, purified water for the hospitality industry. Reflect your commitment to service with quality you can taste. Sleek and stylish water dispensers are the perfect addition for any event, cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel or members club. Keep your customers and guests refreshed and hydrated at all times with Waterlogic.

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Retail and branches

High volume water dispensers perfect for any retail environment. Fast-paced retail environments rely on Waterlogic high-capacity coolers to provide easy access to great-tasting water, alongside hassle-free service from the world's leading water dispenser provider.

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Facility Management

At Waterlogic we combine decades of experience with market leading products and service to make choosing the right water dispenser hassle free and easy. Helping you focus on providing employees an unlimited supply of pure, fresh and safe water.

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Public Sector & Coop. Purchasing

Waterlogic provides a full range of bottleless water coolers for every requirement, including units that originate from our new state-of-the-art production facility in Grapevine, Texas.

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Factories and Warehouses

Strong enough to cope with the busiest of factories or warehouses, our high-capacity bottleless water dispensers will keep your workforce hydrated and productive throughout the day.

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