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  • Firewall™

    We took our already great UV technology and made it greater, applied for a patent and called it Firewall™. Today, Firewall™ is known to be the most effective technology which eliminates bacterial growth. With the Firewall™, the UV illumination is placed directly at the point of dispense, obliterating bacteria and microorganism’s just milliseconds before the water hits your glass.

    Firewall Icon

    Effective against viruses and bacteria

    Firewall™ is completely effective against a huge range of viruses and bacteria. How completely? 99.9999% according to over 5,000 physical tests by many respected, independent laboratories. The measured measurement results are remarkable and show that Firewall™ technology can eliminate high concentrations of bacteria. Similar certificates have been published around the world and confirm Firewall™ is trusted. We think that's amazing, but we won't stop researching until we reach perfection.

    Firewall™ ensures clean water in your workplace

    In many workplaces including hospitals, offices, factories, schools and hotels, drinking water is of the utmost importance. Bacteria in the water can have serious consequences for people with a reduced immune system, so drinking water must maintain the same high quality - 365 days a year.

    The benefits of UV water treatment

    UV water treatment can handle millions of liters of water per day at a very low cost. Maintenance is minimal and the UV lamp itself is changed twice a year. Many treatment methods require expensive and toxic chemicals, which can affect the taste and smell of the water. UV cleaning only uses light to clean your water and therefore does not affect the smell and aroma of the water.

    Take a look at how it all works, in the video below.