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  • Manufacturing Facility

    Made in China has never been so good. Welcome to Waterlogic’s 100%-owned and operated state-of-the-art factory in Qingdao, an hour from Beijing. There are c.200 staff and a very international management team at Waterlogic Qingdao Manufacturing, a fully automated production line, highly advanced computer-controlled refrigeration equipment and a sophisticated testing chamber that helps guarantee our famed quality control. Add the dedicated Research and Development center and extensive training facilities and you can see we’re set up for the future, too.

    Water Manufacturing Companies

    Waterlogic’s water manufacturing company is a multiple winner of the prestigious Foreign Direct Investment Award for its outstanding operations in China.

    The Company has recently invested in a new long-term testing facility. This allows the R&D and QC teams in the factory to test new developments in market conditions and to simulate long-term testing of the products prior to launch.

    Waterlogic Factory

    Waterlogic Manufacturing Facility