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Hydration in the Workplace

Hydration report

Water & Environment

Hydration levels have an impact on health well-being, concentration and productivity.

Single-use plastic bottles are a popular water source but have a big environmental impact, with 525 billion plastic bottles bought every year.

In a bid to understand the effects of hydration and single-use plastic usage in the workplace, Waterlogic surveyed 6,300 full-time workers across Europe and America. With 68% of respondents using single-use plastic bottles at work, how does your country compare?

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Hydration report

Workers in every country state that their water intake would double if they had access to free filtered water.

Hydration report

96% workers around the world say that being better hydrated positively impacts their concentration and productivity.

Hydration report

70% of survey respondents felt that their employer could do more to reduce plastic waste from single-use bottles.