Superior instant filtered hot and cold water

Billi integrated water dispensers in a range of colours and materials

Our range of filtered integrated water dispensers offer the very best in elegant styling, energy efficiency, space-saving design and great tasting water.

Environmental focus

Billi integrated dispensers are renowned for their eco focus, ensuring the sustainable appliances go beyond water and energy saving.

Billi systems offer these unique power consumption advantages:

  • Thermodynamic Heat-Exchange technology recovers and reuses heat energy
  • High performance polyethylene insulation retains water temperature and saves energy
  • Stand-by mode conserves power during set non-use periods

GreenTag leading certificate program

GreenTag Certified

Global GreenTag is one of the world’s most robust, trusted and widely recognised ecolabels which independently assures that every product is fitness tested and certified under leading certification programs that use the world’s best scientific methods.

There is no need to compromise your lifestyle to reduce your carbon footprint. Billi lets you enjoy fresh, filtered water without costly environmental impact through achieving optimal water energy savings.

All in one

Billi Integrated Water Dispensers

Instant filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water all from one dispenser.

Our commercial range of Billi instant filtered water systems are suitable for a wide range of professional applications and environments.

Whether you are looking to install a unit for a corporate office, showroom or public area, we have the right solution for you.

We harvest and reuse energy

Billi integrated dispensers recover the waste heat energy produced in the chilling process to preheat the boiling water, enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

How it works

  • Our unique Heat-Exchange system uses change-of-state technology which harvests the heat energy generated during the chilling cycle to preheat the water going into the boiling tank.
  • This smart technology achieves substantial CO2 energy saving compared to conventional boiling and chilled systems.
  • Our water-cooled systems with Heat-Exchange technology do not require unsightly cupboard door ventilation or a cooling fan and operate a lot quieter than air-cooled units.

Billi Integrated Water Dispensers

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Elegant styling and space-saving design

Enjoy modern, stylish tapware coupled with space-saving design and energy-saving technology. Billi integrated dispensers are the smallest under-counter units on the market, making them easy to install in any workplace even when space is at a premium.

Billi integrated water dispenser chrome tap and drainage tray

Billi integrated water dispensers in a range of colours and materials

What customers say about Billi

“We were looking for a stylish tap to go with our modern design. So, we chose Billi!”

Marc Congdon, Engineering Manager, Costa

"There are no queues in the kitchen and the quality of the filtered water is fantastic."

Paul Fraine, Facilities Manager, Kobalt

“We regard Billi taps as very best quality and reliable with an excellent service package.”

Anabas, Facilities, Ogilvy & Mather

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