The Benefits of Point of Use Water Dispensers

About Point of Use (POU)

A Waterlogic point of use water dispenser is connected to the mains so uses your existing supply of water, with no need for expensive, environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles. Each point of use water cooler is designed specifically to deliver water free from contaminants and chlorine, whenever you want it.

  • Banish the Bottles

    When it comes to Point-of-Use (POU) dispensers vs. bottles, it’s no contest. Replacing bottled water dispensers in favour of Waterlogic mains-fed coolers means you’ll save money, time and energy. Learn more
  • Simply the Best

    Waterlogic POU mains-connected water dispensers outclass all others because they come from a ton of research and hard work multiplied by enduring love for pure, pure water. Learn more
  • Rental vs. Buying

    At Waterlogic we like to give you choices. Here’s another one: rent or buy. Each has its advantages so what’s the right option for you? Here are the points to consider before you decide. Learn more