Water Cooler Rental vs. Buying

At Waterlogic, we like to give you choices regarding your water coolers. Here’s another one: rent or buy? Each has its advantages so what’s the right option for you? Here are the points to consider before you decide which office water coolers are right for you.

With outright purchase, you own your cooler and you can take out a monthly maintenance and service contract.

With rental, you get ‘price protection.’ What does this mean? It means one all-in fixed fee and when your Waterlogic POU dispenser needs replacing, we take it away and install a new one. You’re protected against the rising prices of water coolers and guaranteed the latest technology that will deliver the safest and cleanest drinking water possible.

Renting a water cooler with a service agreement means:

  • Full service included
  • Regular filter and UV replacement
  • Regular sanitization visits
  • Machine breakdown cover can be included
    (Which depending on the rental plan may cover any replacement parts etc)
  • Delivery and installation can be included
  • Flexible rental terms and one regular fee to help cash flow
  • Option to upgrade at end of service agreement

Savings with Water