We’d hate for you to settle for second best.

Waterlogic POU mains-connected water dispensers outclass all others. They come from a ton of research and hard work multiplied by enduring love for pure, pure water. Consult our checklist before you buy.

The POU quality checklist

Only choose a mains-fed water cooler company that answers Yes to these questions.

  1. Can I trust you? Do you have a wall full of certifications, decades of experience and a red-hot R&D team?
  2. Can you guarantee water safety? With the right filtration in place, Waterlogic’s groundbreaking Firewall technology guarantees 99.9999% purity, 100% of the time.
  3. How good is your servicing package? Are regular, unobtrusive services carried out by an approved company, with no hidden charges or extras?

At Waterlogic we answer Yes! every time. Because we just love water.

Additional points you may want to know:. Is the dispense button separated from the faucet? (A separate and hidden faucet prevents accidental infection from touching with bottles, cups, etc.) Is there a good sized drip tray to support a bottle, prevent spillage, and give drainage if I want it? (You can bet ours is) Does the machine filter AND purify the water? (UV purification is a “hallmark” of the Waterlogic approach and is present in most machines. Once the filters have removed the chlorine from water, UV is essential to stop bacteria growth. Firewall machines also prevent bacteria infecting the dispense nozzle.) What additional hygiene measures are on the machine? (As an additional defense mechanism, Waterlogic dispensers incorporate BioCote)