WL H1 Bar - Series B - Electronic

WL H1 Bar - Series B (Electronic model)

A high capacity, functional and compact unit for the HORECA sector.

Designed with the hospitality sector in mind the WL H1 Bar - Series B efficiently addresses high volume demand for cold and sparkling water, even at peak times, for fast bottle and carafe filling.

Leading technology

The WL H1 Bar - Series B features two core technologies:

Ice Bank cooling system

The Ice Bank cooling technology is paramount to the HORECA needs, where large quantities of consistently ice-cold water are required.

Performance filtration

Professional grade filters are used to satisfy the need for high water consumption, addressing colour, taste and odour, for great tasting, crystal-clear water.

Professional water dispensing for commercial environments

WL H1 Bar - Series B is the recommended solution for catering and intensive use environments such as bars and restaurants, cafeterias, conference centers.

Water options



Clean design and external surfaces in stainless steel

Back-lit front panel and premium looking aesthetics with no compromise on functionality

Two water dispensing options, cold and sparkling, with professional grade carbonator in stainless steel

Practical taps allow two bottles to be filled at the same time

Electronic model features portion control function to preset the volume of water dispensed

Eco-sustainable refrigeration using R290 natural gas, for low environmental impact

Energy saving, standby function reduces overall power consumption by 75% compared to full operation mode ( available on electronic models only)

Optional UVC light (available on electronic models only)

Eco-friendly refrigeration

Waterlogic WL Bar - Series B water dispensers now use a natural refrigerant gas called R290 in their compressors, helping with carbon footprint reduction. R290 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and very low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

Dispensing capacity 80 L/h / 150L/h
Water options Cold & sparkling
Dispensing operation Push buttons
Weight 30 kg / 41 kg
Dimensions 360 mm 565 mm 502 mm / 460 mm 626 mm 514 mm
Dispensing area 328 mm / 337 mm
Portion control Yes
Energy saving Yes
Compressor (R290 gas) 230V - 50Hz (1/5 HP)
(R134a gas) 115v - 60Hz (360 kcal/h)
Water temperature 5°-12°C/41-54°F

Download helpful information here about the WL H1 Bar - Series B.