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Waterlogic Station (WL Station)

Waterlogic Station (WL Station)

An exceptional office water station cleverly designed with built-in storage cabinet option and a counter-top perfect for a coffee machine. Available with Waterlogic dispensers guaranteeing water purity for a clean, healthy, refreshing drink. Cup after cup.

  • Ideal for an all-in-one office drinks station
  • Compatible with WL 2500 (in-tank UV) or WL2000 (direct chill) dispensers
  • Available with UV technology to eliminate bacteria
  • Easy connection to your existing mains water supply
Smart and practical

The Waterlogic Station is a huge asset to the busy workplace, combining practicality with UV water treatment or direct chill technology. Beautiful-tasting, pure water is dispensed from the cooler and there is plenty of space for a coffee machine and cup storage.

  • Durable, heat-resistant top ideal for a coffee machine
  • Ample storage space for spare cups
  • Pure, clean water to refresh and invigorate
  • Has been described as the ‘perfect office coffee services solution’
Water Options:
  • Ambient
  • Cold
  • Hot
Three Steps to Greatness:

The Waterlogic 2000 and 2500 dispensers have 3 core technologies which mean that what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in:

1. Our filtration technology is really good at taking the bad stuff out and leaving the good stuff in. Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration removes contaminants, chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odors.

2. Next, with the WL 2500, an in-tank UV (ultra-violet) lamp purifies the water. UV light wipes out harmful bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis to guarantee a safe, clean drink.

Alternatively, with the WL 2000, direct chill technology cools the water. A tube with refrigerant gas runs in a spiral alongside the water tube, chilling it to 5°C.

3. We’ve got the inside covered and the outside too. As another layer of defense, BioCote® keeps the dispensing area free of bacteria too.

As clear as can be

Quality and safety are guaranteed in this cleverly designed station. Investment in R&D, a ton of hard work and a passion for H20 mean Waterlogic deliver pure, fresh water, cup after cup.

Certified for peace of mind

Dispensers for the Waterlogic Station are approved by international standards organizations, meeting WRAS and ETL/UL requirements.

Single model dimensions 355mm (W) x 1035mm (H) x 482mm (D)
14in (W) x 40.7in (H) x 18.97in (D)
Double model dimensions 698mm (W) x 1035mm (H) x 482mm (D)
27.4in (W) x 40.74in (H) x 18.97in (D)
Water options Hot and cold
Cold and ambient
Dispense area height 215mm (8.5in)
Weight Single - 31KG
Double - 49KG
Standard filtration supplied 1 x Carbon Block (CBC)
Capacity Hot tank: 1.5 liters (0.396 US gal.)
Cold tank: 4 liters (1.18 US gal.) in-tank UV
option only
Water temperatures Cold: 5-8°C / 41-46.4°F
Hot: 87°C/189°F
Extra Hot: 93°C/203°F

Download helpful information here to get the very best from your Waterlogic Station.


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WL Station Brochure