WL Tap Firewall ™ 3.0

WL Tap Firewall ™ 3.0

This revolutionary faucet dispenses the purest water you may ever have tasted. This practical yet stylish dispenser combines breakthrough technology and stunning design, and it is the perfect complement for breakout areas where a tap solution is preferred, with no compromise on water quality.

  • 99.999% COVID-secure
  • Purified cold, ambient and sparkling options at a touch of a button
  • Suitable to fill carafes and reusable bottles
  • The most highly certified UVC water purifier that discretely integrates with your countertop
  • Space saving UTC high cooling capacity unit fits in the cupboard space keeping the worktop clean and free from bulky equipment
  • Environmentally conscious as it eliminates the need for bottled water

The newest technologies and outstanding performance

The WL Tap Firewall ™ 3.0 uses unique Firewall ™ UV point-of-dispense technology to deactivate up to 99.9999% of bacteria, cysts and viruses, delivering microbiologically purified water to your cup.

  • Premium looking features, touch sensitive and easy to clean.
  • Outstanding 50L/h cooling capacity
  • Firewall ™ purifies the water as it flows out, also it protects the nozzle blocking bacteria from getting in the system
  • International Water Bodies approvals and over 5000 scrupulous independent lab testing for your peace of mind

Leading technology

WL Tap Firewall™ 3.0 has three core technologies that set this dispenser apart from market alternatives:

  1. Quality approved carbon block filters tested to the strictest health standards to ensure superior filtration is guaranteed for optimum taste.
  2. Waterlogic’s patented and certified Firewall ™ technology utilises a highly effective UVC purification system that acts all the way trough up until the point of dispense., for thoroughly purified water.
  3. As another layer of defence, we have injected key surfaces with BioCote® technology that provides continuous antimicrobial protection and reduces the risks of cross-contamination.

Learn more abut Firewall

Excellent performance

The WL Tap Firewall ™ 3.0 outperforms industry standards. It has exceeded all expectations of some of the top research laboratories on the planet when tested for water purification. Investment in R&D, a ton of hard work and a passion for H20 mean we deliver outstanding quality products our customer can trust.

Safely certified

The dispenser features Firewall, Waterlogic’s patented UVC purification system: the only water dispenser technology in the world to be certified by IAMPO R&T to both NSF/ANSI 55 - Class A Standard and P231 Protocol for microbiological water purifiers.

Water options Cold, sparkling, ambient
Format Tap dispenser and under the counter unit
Dimensions Tap dispenser: 106 mm (Base width) x 400 mm (Height) x 175 mm (Depth without drip tray)/ 232 mm (Depth with drip tray)
Under the counter unit: 255 mm (W) x 404 mm* (H) x 394 mm (D) (*includes feet)
Dispense area height 274 mm (without drip tray)
265 mm (with drip tray)
Weight Tap dispenser: 5 kg

Under the counter unit: 36.5 kg
Standard filtration supplied Carbon block filter
(Carbon Block Clarius®-S)
Cooling capacity (Delta-T 6) 50L/h

Adjustable temperature: ~ 4 bis 15 °C (KW)
Drip tray capacity 360 ml
Compressor (R134a gas) AC 220-240V / 50 Hz
Water temperatures settings Cold: 4-15° C (default 5°C)
Compressor 230V (50Hz), 120V (60Hz)
Water temperatures (factory default) Cold 5-8°C/41-46.4°F

Download helpful information here to get the very best from your WL Tap Firewall ™ 3.0.