WLH2 Firewall™ Bar Stile Series

WLH2 Firewall™ Bar Stile Series

Featuring Firewall, Waterlogic’s proprietary UVC technology, the WLH2 Firewall Bar - Stile Series (WLH2 FW Bar - S Series), has been engineered to deliver highly purified still and sparkling water in high volumes and flow-rate. The dispenser offers a premium but cost effective solution.

  • 99.999% COVID-secure
  • Cold and sparkling water options
  • Ice Bath cooling technology
  • Fully adjustable bottle positioning
  • Energy saving sleep mode
  • Leak detection system
  • Available in select European markets now
  • Firewall, patented UVC technology, deactivates most viruses, cysts and pathogenic bacteria, thoroughly purifying the water up to 99.9999% . Rigorously tested* and guaranteed effective at inactivating the human form of COVID-19 with a colony reduction of over 99.999% [Independently tested by the University of Arizona’s Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center.]
  • Sparkling system delivers quality ice-cold carbonated water
  • Electronic push buttons allow for continuous dispense (max 3 litres) or pre-set volumetric portion control to fill 200 ml and 750 ml size vessels (volumetric settings can be programmed upon customer’s request). Simultaneous dispense can also be set up for peak-time usage
  • Fully adjustable bottle positioning allows for accurate placement of various sized bottles, preventing unnecessary water spillage
  • UVC light monitoring system ensures the UV light works at peak performance at all times, guaranteeing consistent standards of water purification
  • Leak detection system reduces the risk of slips and related incidents in the event of a leak, as the water supply is automatically cut-off
  • LED front panel displays system maintenance indicators, for optimum service efficiency and peace of mind
  • Energy saving sleep mode is programmed to reduce the power consumption of the compressor after three hours of inactivity, yielding significant energy savings when unit is not in use

*R290 gas available on 220/240v models only

A clear commitment to quality is as important to Waterlogic as style, function and innovation.

Recognising the importance of providing outstanding, reliable and unrivalled product performance to customers, our dispensers have been designed and manufactured to strict quality standards.

Types available Countertop
Water options Cold and Sparkling
Dimensions 390 mm/14.17” (W) x 610 mm/24.10” (H) x 590 mm/23.22” (D)
Dispense area height 0-33 cm/0”-12.99” (adjustable)
Weight Net 35 kg (77.16 lbs)
Filtration* High performance carbon filter [*Filter type depending on local water conditions]
Storage capacity Ice bath:14 litres (3.69 gal)

Sparkling tank: 1 litre (0.26 gal)
Dispensing capacity 80-90 L/h (21.13-23.77 gal/h)
Flow rate (P231 NSF/ANSI standard certified) Cold only : 2-3 litres/min (may be reduced to 2 litres per minute to allow simultaneous dispense)
Sparkling only : 3 litres/min
Simultaneous dispense cold and sparkling: 2-3 litres
Compressor 200w for 80L/h (R290 gas)
Water temperature output Cold and sparkling: 5-10°C/41-50°F

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