Protecting the outside from germs

To fully protect Waterlogic machines from germs in the environment, our machines feature BioCote® anti-microbial technology on the outside. BioCote® technology is a silver based additive incorporated into parts of the dispensing area to provide continuous protection against surface germs.With Firewall™ and advanced filtration inside the machine, BioCote® does the perfect job on the outside.

BioCote® kills up to 80% germs in 15 minutes and over 99% germs in 2 hours of contamination.

How it Works

Surfaces protected by BioCote® do not allow germs to multiply. Introduced during the manufacturing process, the technology interacts with microbes that come into contact with the surface, irreparably damaging them, preventing reproduction and causing the germs to die.

BioCote® technology is used by leading manufacturing companies worldwide to enhance the performance of their products and protect against the potential negative impact of microbial contamination.

The Results

BioCote® protects products from a wide range of microbes including bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Pseudomonas, as well as Mould and Fungi. Our BioCote® protected water dispensers are proven effective by ongoing quality control testing at independent laboratories to the appropriate test standards.

BioCote® gives you cleaner, fresher and more hygienic dispenser surfaces.

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Protecting your water cooler from germs

BioCote Classroom Test

The scientists at BioCote live testing has measured and compared the number of bacteria in two classrooms in the same primary school. This was a world first as never before had an antimicrobial classroom been put under the microscope. The objective was to see how well BioCote antimicrobial protection performs in the classroom environment in terms of banishing bacteria and protecting children from microbes.

The results were a difference in total bacterial counts between the classrooms at an impressive level of 96.79% for the Waterlogic water dispenser featuring BioCote compared to the standard non-BioCote water dispenser in the unprotected room. BioCote really is the star of the classroom! Read our news page to find out more.

School Classroom