Unleash the power of UV light

Waterlogic’s in-tank UV technology unleashes the power of UV light against water-borne microorganisms that cause disease – bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae and countless other nasties you do not want swimming around in your cup.

It sterilizes water by placing a UV lamp in the very center of each dispenser’s cold tank. Tank design and UV lamp specification are matched in every cooler to provide the highest purification possible. The lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve to help maintain maximum operating temperature and stop it touching the water. It’s safe and it’s effective.

Ultimate taste and protection

Water in the tank receives powerful doses of UV energy, wiping out bugs but doing nothing to alter the fresh, cleansed taste of every inviting drop you drink. For ultimate protection, Waterlogic’s UV Sensor on selected models triggers an alarm if the lamp fails, stemming the supply of water and guaranteeing purity at all times.

In-tank UV light