Carbon Reduction Label – a World First

Waterlogic in the UK has certified 7 Waterlogic water dispensers (along with their service package) with the Carbon Reduction Label from the Carbon Trust. This is the world’s first drinking water dispenser service to be independently certified with the Carbon Reduction Label.

What is the Carbon Reduction label?

The Carbon Trust certifies the total amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases emitted by a product or service at every stage throughout its life cycle. This includes manufacture, transportation, installation, service, usage and final disposal. It provides an accurate, independent and verifiable measure of the greenhouse gases emitted by the certified products.

Why is it important?

Energy saving water is increasingly becoming a concern for many organizations. By having certified a CO2 footprint for the Waterlogic water dispenser service in the UK we’re now able to provide information allowing customers to make informed, sustainable purchasing decisions and meet their own environmental targets. In the UK we are committed to improving the carbon footprint for our entire service.

By nature of our business, we already offer organizations the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 72% when replacing a traditional bottled water cooler with a water dispenser but we’re always hoping to go one better.

Models with the Carbon Reduction Label in the UK:

You can download a flyer here that summarizes the information.

Carbon Reduction Label

Carbon Reduction Label