About Waterlogic

Waterlogic was originally founded in 1992 (and made its first sales in early 1993). Since then, we’ve grown into a leader in point-of-use water purification. What does this mean? What makes us different? Why does it matter? Let us tell you.

First off, we don’t just love water.

We know water. Inside and out. Like the back of our hand. You have to love it to want to make it your life and, for us, that’s exactly what it is. Water is our passion.

Meet R&D.

Research and Development. They’re our friends—our really, really good friends. Not only that. They lead to great things.

Our whole model is rooted in trying to make the most plentiful substance on Earth as perfect as it can be.

Only Waterlogic combines sophisticated water filtration with UV purification. On products we manufacture ourselves, we add a special silver anti-microbial protection to round things out. Clearly, we take what we do very seriously (considering the results from our Water Taste Challenge below) and this confirms we’re not messing around.

Charity partner – Dig Deep

We are proud to be partnered with Dig Deep, a charity who help to provide clean water and sanitation to rural communities in Kenya. 2018 saw us raise over £7,500 through various fundraising activities which has helped with their three Ts: Taps, Toilets and Training, and we will continue to support them throughout 2019. You can see the difference the money has made in the video below:

  • Mission

    To be the best global provider of excellent drinking water solutions to all businesses.
  • Strengths

    It’s easy to say we’re a leader in POU purified water dispensers. But we only got up there through a ton of hard work, innovation genius and total dedication to pure, pure water. Learn more
  • Strategy

    Global presence, distribution expertise and industry contacts. Waterlogic is in prime position to bring the cleanest, safest water to ever more consumers around the world. Learn more
  • Operations

    Nothing worthwhile comes easy. We’re constantly bettering and building. As it stands, with offices and service centers across North America and Europe, and a network of distribution partners. Learn more
  • History

    Waterlogic’s story is one of dynamic growth through innovation, organic expansion and acquisition. Our Firewall technology is another groundbreaking step along the way. Learn more
  • FAQs

    What does Waterlogic do? Waterlogic was originally founded in 1992. Since then, we’ve become a leading point-of-use water purification provider, designing dispensers for the workplace and also the home. Learn more