Waterlogic 5 Firewall™ (WL5FW)

Waterlogic 5 Firewall™ (WL5FW)

The Waterlogic 5 featuring Firewall UV technology is the perfect water dispenser for achieving optimum levels of hygiene and safety in busy environments where high capacity cold and sparkling water is a must.

  • 99.999% COVID-secure
  • Pre-programmable portion control is ideal for busy environments
  • Tall dispensing area to easily fill jugs and bottles
  • Lockable stainless steel base can accommodate large CO2 bottles
Volume Pure Water

The Waterlogic 5 Firewall provides the highest levels of hygiene and safety, plus is great for places where no fuss high capacity dispensing of water is a must-have. This innovative Firewall technology ensures the purest water available (delivering 99.9999% water purification). This uniquely designed water dispenser is finished in stainless steel for robustness and easy hygiene maintenance.

  • New sleek design
  • Pre-programmable portion control
  • High capacity cold and sparkling water
  • 250mm dispenser gap for tall jugs / bottles
  • Lockable base can accommodate large CO2 bottles
  • Drip tray sensor for peace of mind
  • Drainage option for busy environments
  • CO2 replacement indicator
  • Freestanding and countertop option
Water Options:
  • Sparkling
  • Ambient
  • Cold
Three Steps to Greatness:

The Waterlogic 5 Firewall™ dispenser has 3 core technologies that mean what you get out of your machine is much better than what goes in:

1. Our filtration technology is really good at taking the bad stuff out and leaving the good stuff in. This stage removes chlorine and other water-borne tastes and odors.

2. Next the Firewall UV purification will wipe out impurities, cleansing the water to 99.9999%. As an added layer of protection, the UV light keeps the dispensing nozzle from becoming contaminated.

3. The robust stainless steel finish provides maximum durability and the ultimate hygiene, making the machine ideal for high usage areas.

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The newest machine choice for high capacity water

Offering the best Waterlogic specification of machine for those looking for a plentiful and non-stop supply of filtered water.

Water options Cold, ambient and sparkling
Cold and sparkling
Cold and ambient
Cold only
Countertop 360mm (W) x 470mm (H) x 500mm (D)
14.17" (W) x 18.5" (H) x 19.69" (D)
Freestanding 360mm (W) x 1370mm (H) x 500mm (D)
14.17" (W) x 53.94" (H) x 19.69" (D)
Dispense area height 250mm (9.84”)
Weight Countertop 40 KG
Freestanding 61 KG
Standard filtration supplied Carbon Filtration
Additional features Portion control
Drip tray overflow sensor
Touch sensitive buttons
Lockable base cabinet
CO2 level indicator
Wall bracket-fixing option (ideal to protect against damage in high traffic areas)
Cooling capacity 70 litre / per hour at Δ 6°C
60 litre / per hour at Δ 5°C
Tap output 100 litre / per hour
Compressor 1/5 HP
Water temperatures Cold 4-15°C / 39.2-59°F

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