Angel Springs, Hepscott and Watering Well are now Waterlogic

The coming together of Angel Springs, Hepscott and Watering Well has enabled Waterlogic to improve the products, coverage and service by taking our offering to the next level.

Introducing Waterlogic

You may have noticed some changes to the way we look, but don’t worry; the changes we’re making will only go towards improving the service you receive.

Now that we’ve integrated the businesses, the rebrand is the last piece of the puzzle to bring it all together. That being said we’re pleased to announce that Waterlogic is now the new home for Angel, Hepscott and Watering Well customers.

Our business will continue to provide drinking water solutions to all businesses. Our products range from bottled water coolers provided by Angel, mains fed water coolers featuring the latest in water purification technology, hot water dispensers and hospitality solutions.

Our culture at Waterlogic is about putting your needs first and ensuring we provide you with only the best products and services. Here at Waterlogic, we have made a commitment to continue to be innovative and customer focused.



  • Our machine(s) say Angel will these be changed?
  • When did Angel, Hepscott and Watering Well become Waterlogic?
  • Who are Waterlogic?
  • Why has Angel, Hepscott and Watering Well become Waterlogic?
  • Why is the Angel / Hepscott / Watering Well website moving?
  • Will my water delivery be affected?
  • Will your work in partnership with Make-A-Wish® UK continue?

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