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Waterlogic Vessi Tap with Water Unit

Instant steaming hot water tap for your home

Designed for the home, our compact 3 in 1 tap system provides filtered steaming hot water, as well as hot and cold water, on-demand. Installing the Vessi tap unit is quick and easy. The compact, 2-litre unit fits nicely into any kitchen, saving worktop and fridge space. A two-stage safety handle makes hot water taps safer than using a kettle. Although the water dispensed is boiling, the spout is cool to the touch thanks to the insulation of the unit, making the tap suitable for all households.

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5-year guarantee on the tap; 2-year on the boiling unit

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Why choose the Vessi tap?

No spitting! Water dispenses at 98 degrees, guaranteeing a safe and controlled dispense of water from the tap.

Simple to install. Installation is quick and easy, with no need for specialists. The installation and user guides give clear instructions, walking you through the setup in easy to follow steps.

Space-saving. The compact under-counter system can be floor or wall-mounted, maximising storage space in kitchens of any size.

Energy-saving. The Vessi tap has effective power saving modes, with eco and holiday settings.

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The latest boiler innovation

PROBOIL.2X is the next generation in intelligent hot water boilers, offering fast and trouble-free delivery of steaming hot filtered water at the touch of a handle.

Features & Benefits

Adjustable temperature

Easily change the temperature of the water using the Vessi unit, with a maximum temperature of 98°. No more having to wait for the kettle to boil, your tap is always on hand to provide filtered steaming water instantly. Simply tap the touch screen on the water unit to adjust the temperature to suit you.

Easy to clean

Easy and fast to descale, with a removable tank lid for ease of access. It will be required from time to time that the unit will need to be descaled, drained and refilled to ensure the maximum energy efficiency and service life from the product especially in hard water areas. We have made this as easy as possible with helpful guides and videos below.

Reduced noise & energy consumption

The unit is insulated to reduce heating noise and save energy. The Vessi unit is much quieter than a standard kettle when heating water which is a great benefit of the instant steaming water system. Not only this, but the Vessi unit is more eco-friendly than a kettle, helping to save the planet while keeping energy costs lower.

All in one box

Provides the convenience of domestic hot, cold and 98° instant steaming hot water. Save space on the countertop by removing your kettle as the Vessi tap provides steaming hot water for your hot drink. This system will also replace your current standard tap as cold and hot water is also available from the Vessi.

  • True Tank Temperature
  • Adjustable Temperature Setting
  • Compact Proportions of 262mm (H) x 188mm (W)
  • 2 Litre Stainless Steel Tank
  • Colour Coded Quick Fix Connections
  • Boil Dry Prevention • True Tank Temperature
  • Colour Coded Quick Fix Connections
  • Boil Dry Prevention • Adjustable Temperature Setting
  • Reduced Noise
  • Internal Expansion Vessel
  • Factory Calibrated Temperature
  • Filter Life Indicator
  • Colour Coded Quick Fix Connections
  • Removable Power Lead

Download user manuals and helpful information here to get the very best from your Vessi tap.

Download Vessi User Manual

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Who are Waterlogic?

We pride ourselves on being hydration experts, whether that be hydrating a workplace, public space, or home.

Our team have years of knowledge and experience in delivering purified, great-tasting water in the safest and most sustainable way. For this reason, 50 million people in more than 65 countries enjoy superior drinking water and service that is second to none.

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