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Waterlogic Hybrid Firewall®

Safe hydration at home for you and your loved ones

Enjoy the purest, best-tasting water at home. A cost-effective and convenient alternative to bottled water or other home filtration solutions, the WL Hybrid Firewall® purifies water to the highest standards the instant you need it. All at the touch of a button.

Easy online ordering, delivered to your door.

Order today How it works

Fill, dispense, drink pure.

  • Reduces up to 99.9999% of bacteria
  • Anti-microbial surface for additional protection
  • Metalic Silver

<p>Hybrid Home Water Purifier in Artic White</p> <p>Hybrid Home Water Purifier in Metalic Silver</p>

Hybrid Water Purifier

Fresh, pure and flexible

The unique design requires no installation. As narrow as a kettle and only needing a power supply means you can use it anywhere in the kitchen, office, lounge. You choose.

The world’s most highly certified water purifier.

Concerns over hygiene and accessing essential hydration are in focus now more than ever. Our patented Firewall® and BioCote® technologies work hard to purify your drinking water and keep your dispenser fresher and cleaner for longer to maintain the best possible hygiene at home.

Firewall® technology found in all Waterlogic water purifiers has achieved the highest levels of accreditation from internationally respected agencies and bodies. No other drinking water purifier has the same guarantee of purity.

Simple. Convenient. Cost effective.

Great tasting, purified water that is 99.9999% bacteria free

Safe hydration

Safe hydration at home for you and your loved ones. Fully certified, eliminating E.coli, coliform bacteria, legionella, cryptosporidium, pseudomonas and many others.

Great tasting, purified water

Freshly filtered and purified, removing contaminants and bad tastes. Crisp and refreshing, 7 out of 10 people prefer the taste to single-use bottled water.

Simple. Convenient. Cost effective.

A convenient, cost effective alternative to bottled water. No storage, no plastic waste.

Easy maintenance

Long life filter and lamp only need replacement once a year.

No installation needed

Just plug in, fill up, and go with no complex installation required.

Our 3 stage system filters, purifies and protects

At the heart of our water purifier is the patented Firewall® technology.

Hybrid Water Purifier


Contaminant reduction

Our high-performance 10 Micron Click-in-Click-Out™ active carbon filter adsorbs chlorine, microbes and other contaminants typically found in tap water.



Our unique Firewall® technology exposes the water to a germicidal UVC light, eliminating pathogens present in the water all the way through to the nozzle. This means even the smallest, toughest microorganisms are destroyed, making it up to 99.9999% bacteria free.



An extra layer of protection is guaranteed by BioCote® antimicrobial technology. BioCote® is directly incorporated into key parts of the dispenser to create surfaces upon which microbes such as bacteria and mould cannot survive.

Why Purify?

The problem is not our water. It's how our water is delivered.

Low annual running costs compared to alternatives

The WL Hybrid Firewall has been designed with cost saving and convenience in mind. With a 6 times lower cost than single use plastic bottled water, our dispenser is better for both the environment and your wallet.

The long life filter and lamp only need replacement once a year and a clever monitoring system alerts you to when you need to renew your Firewall® technology, ensuring your water is purified to the highest standards, glass after glass.

  • A single filter and purification kit lasts up to 12 months
  • 6 times lower cost than typical single use bottled water
  • Replace filters less often than with typical pitcher filters

Annual cost of water

As seen on US tv!

Dr. Gadget features the Waterlogic Hybrid Firewall on the Wendy Wiliams Show Hot Home Gadgets 2015

Source: YouTube

"I am also delighted on the convenience, cost saving on not having to buy bottled water and of course less waste which is helping the environment. I can’t recommend the Hybrid enough."

“At first my wife didn’t want to spend the money but after researching and learning more about Waterlogic there is truly no comparison. We think we will actually save money. The water tastes amazing... Plus I love that we only have to change the filter one time a year. Thank you!”

“The water is amazing, we always bought bottled water before, and I didn't like the plastic taste. We also have a fridge filter, and even with that the water tasted awful. This Water Purifier is the best, the water tastes like fresh spring water. I love the portability of it, we put it right near the sink. We can also take it in our RV, no need for bottled water any more. I highly recommend this to everyone!”

Order online today

Easy online ordering and delivered direct to your door. Buy your Hybrid today with an extra Purification Kit and save 75€!

Hybrid Only

Hybrid Only

  • 1 WL Hybrid Firewall
  • Your choice of Metallic Silver or limited edition Arctic White
  • Everything you need to get up and running for 1 year
Hybrid + Pure Kit Bundle

Hybrid + Pure Kit Bundle

  • 1 WL Hybrid Firewall
  • Your choice of Metallic Silver or limited edition Arctic White
  • 1 Hybrid Pure replacement kit containing 1 UV light and 1 filter
  • Peace of mind for 2 years
  • Save £10 off RRP!
Hybrid + 2 Pure Kit Bundle

Hybrid + 2 Pure Kit Bundle

  • 1 WL Hybrid Firewall
  • Your choice of Metallic Silver or limited edition Arctic White
  • 2 Hybrid Pure replacement kits containing 1 UV light and 1 filter each
  • Peace of mind for 3 years
  • Save £20 off RRP!