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Water@Home FAQs


    • Which water options do Water At Home systems offer?
    • Are the products in the Water At Home range different to the range for workplaces?
    • Are Water At Home products WRAS approved?
    • Are there any aftercare services available?

    Vessi Tap

    • Which water options does the Vessi provide?
    • How does the system actually work?
    • What are the measurements of the boiler unit?
    • What designs and finishes are available for the Vessi?
    • What is the maximum capacity of the Vessi tap?
    • What is the maximum amount of people the Vessi tap can cater for?
    • Are there any requirements needed to be able to install a Vessi tap in my kitchen?
    • How does the Vessi tap compare to using a kettle in terms of energy efficiency?
    • Does the Vessi tap require ventilation?
    • Can I cut into any work top to install the Vessi tap?
    • What temperature can the water reach?
    • Is it possible to rent a Vessi tap?
    • How can I clean my Vessi tap?
    • If I will not be using it for an extended period of time, how do I turn off the Vessi tap?
    • Is it possible to ‘flush’ the tanks through on a Vessi tap?
    • How much does Vessi tap cost?
    • How do I register my boiler for warranty?
    • What is covered under warranty?
    • Who can I get to install the unit?
    • What is the supply voltage range of the boiler system?
    • What is the maximum power usage when the element is on?
    • What is the power usage when the unit is on Standby and the screen is off?
    • What is the power usage when keeping water warm at 98°C?
    • What is the power usage when reboiling 1 litre at 98°C?
    • Which power leads and plugs are included with the unit?



    • How long does delivery take?
    • How much does delivery cost?
    • Do you deliver to outside of the UK?

    Refunds & Returns

    • How do I return my unit?
    • How do I get a refund?
    • How long does it take for a refund to hit my account?
    • What do I do if my system develops a fault after 30 days?
    • My product is faulty but is still guaranteed by the manufacturer, what do I do?
    • What happens if my items are damaged or incorrect?