Experience coffee shop quality in your workplace

The Lavazza C600 is the latest cutting-edge hot drinks machine designed for your workplace. Choose from over 15 coffee shop quality drinks, with a range of exquisite Lavazza Freshpacks™. Select, personalise and brew delicious coffee directly from your smartphone with the Tap N’ Brew app. Reliability you can depend on with industry leading 99% up time. 

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The Lavazza C600 offers the very latest <br/> cutting edge FLAVIA technology.

Reliability you can depend on with industry leading 99% up time.

Premium filtration

Premium filtration

Hassle-free dynamic brew cycles from the latest Freshpack recognition system make perfecting your favourite drink easier than ever



Helping you achieve your sustainable goals, with A+ energy rating for efficiency and zero waste to landfill in production.



Built with intuitive touchscreen interface automatic adjusting cup stand and milk frothing technology for total drink customisation.



Hassle free management and maintenance with industry leading 99% up time reliability you can depend on, plus realtime diagnostics, to avoid unwanted down time.

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The state of the art hot drinks system

An easy to clean machine exterior and sealed ingredient Freshpack drinks which drop directly into the Freshpack bin make the C600 best-in-class for hygiene and simply daily care. Enjoy each delicious drink fresh from Bean to Pack to Cup, brewing directly in your cup with no cross-over taste or allergens between drinks.

Choose from over 15 coffee shop quality drinks

The exquisite Lavazza Freshpacks™️ range includes coffee and espresso, leaf teas and herbal infusions or indulgent hot chocolates.

Only fresh hot water makes contact with ingredients in a Freshpack™️, avoiding ingredients and allergen cross-over. Ingredients are protected from exposure to oxygen, moisture and the open air keeping your drink as fresh as possible. Just the right volume of water, at the perfect temperature ensuring maximum flavour and reduces energy waste.

Why businesses rent coffee machines from Waterlogic

  • Service & Maintenance
    Service & Maintenance

    All Waterlogic rentals come with service and maintenance included in the monthly rental price. Our solutions are hassle-free, with installation and regular maintenance checks to ensure a high standard

  • Short-term Contracts
    Short-term Contracts

    If your business is looking for a more flexible alternative to buying a coffee machine, Waterlogic offers you the chance to choose a contract length that suits you.

  • Fixed Monthly Costs
    Fixed Monthly Costs

    Rent a coffee machine from us and enjoy the advantages of our fixed monthly rates and low charges. Our rental prices allow you to accurately budget for your costs, avoiding any high short-term expenditure.

  • Custom packages
    Custom packages

    Our pricing packages are tailor-made for your business. Just tell us what you need and we’ll help you choose the perfect product to suit your business requirements.

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