Bottled water cooler isn’t chilling

If your bottled water cooler doesn't appear to be chilling correctly please try the following:

Initial Checks

  1. Double check that the machine is plugged in and switched on.
  2. Check that the machine has not been overused. The machine may need time to re-chill if it has had a high volume of usage.

If the above hasn't resolved the issue, the following steps can be undertaken

  1. witch the power off at the wall and safely remove the plug. 
  2. You will then need to disconnect the power lead located at the bottom of the unit (usually found on the bottom left hand side).
  3. Reconnect all leads and ensure that the power lead at the back of the unit is firmly in place as this can sometimes come loose. 
  4. Leave the cooler for 30-45 minutes for the tank to re-chill.

If the above hasn't resolved the issue, please complete our service request form below and one of our water experts will be in touch to arrange an engineers’ visit.

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