Bottled water cooler isn’t dispensing

If your bottled water cooler doesn't appear to be dispensing correctly, please try the following:

  • Remove the bottle. Before removing, check that the blue valve on the bottle is not floating in the water. If it is, you will need 2 people to remove the bottle, 1 person to lift the bottle and the other to place their hand underneath the bottle as it is lifted to ensure minimum leakage.
  • Once the bottle is removed, dry around the neck of the machine with a cloth or towel to rid of any excess water
  • Drain the taps until the internal tank is empty (open the taps as if you were dispensing cups of water until nothing else will come out)
  • Once the above is complete, replace the bottle on the unit and leave to chill/reheat for 30-45 minutes. (If the blue valve is floating in the water, you will need to use a fresh bottle of water.)

If the above hasn't resolved the issue or if you’re stuck, please complete our service request form below and one of our water experts will be in touch to arrange an engineer's visit.

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