Cooler leaking?

If your Mains-Fed water cooler appears to be leaking, please check the following:

Is the drip tray full?

If yes, gently remove the drip tray and empty it into the nearest sink, being careful not to spill any water. 

Does your machine have an external waste function?

If yes, check the back of the machine to ensure the pipework is in place as it should be.

If this has not resolved the issue, you should isolate the machine (instructions below) and complete our Service Request form and one of our water experts will be in touch to arrange an engineers’ visit.

To Isolate a Tap and Under-Counter Machine

  • Follow the pipework at the back of Under-Counter machine until you see the isolation valve. Turn the valve so that it is not in line with the pipework, this will shut off the water supply to your tap and Under-Counter machine.
  • Drain the machine until the internal tank is empty (open the taps as if you were dispensing cups of water until nothing else will come out)
  • Switch the machine off at the wall until the engineer arrives
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