Not dispensing?

If your Tap doesn't appear to be dispensing water correctly please try the following:

  • Double check that the machine is plugged in and switched on
  • Ensure the mains water supply is running to the machine., To do this follow the pipework from the back of the Tap’s Under-counter unit to the isolation valve. The valve should be in line with the pipework if the water is running to the machine. If it is not in line, you can gently turn the valve until it is inline., You should then start to hear water filling the machine
  • Check whether the pipework from the back of your machine has a water blocker. If a lot of water has been drawn off at once this may have switched on. This can be reset by pressing the water blocker lever
  • If there is an LED display on the machine, double check whether it is displaying the source of the fault. If this is the case, call our team who will arrange an engineer to visit.


If this has not resolved the issue, please complete our Service Request form and one of our water experts will be in touch to arrange and engineers' visit.

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