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Why does my water look cloudy?

Why does my water look cloudy? - article image
21 Mar 2017 Océane Bidault

Cloudy water can be caused by a build up of trapped air in your water pipes, causing the water to become pressurised and carbonated. Additionally, your water pipes might be contaminated with small particles such as rock, stone, sand or dirt. Although this isn't a danger to your heath, it can affect the taste of your water you should contact a certified plumber for and seek treatment.

What causes my water to look cloudy?

As tap water is fed through plumbing brought in from outside your home, the water pipes could get damaged in winter, due to an accident or a faulty plumbing fitting, which can allow air into the plumbing system. This air can become pressurised, leading to micro bubbles being trapped in your plumbing and your water, making it appear cloudy.

What should I do if my water looks cloudy?

The first thing you should do is set your glass aside, wait for a few minutes to see the bubbles rise to the surface and clear up. Cloudy tap water, sometimes referred to as milky or white water is likely due to trapped air or a build-up of dissolved particles in the water pipes. It is important to note that cloudy water from the tap is completely harmless.

Air bubbles clearing from the bottom, mean air is trapped in your system and needs to be flushed out. Run the taps to help flush the cloudy water through and repeat the above to confirm whether your pipes have been completely flushed. Air bubbles clearing from the top, mean your pipes may be contaminated with small particles such as rock, stone, sand or dirt. A treatment consultation with a certified plumber will be required.

If you can see the cloudiness when your cold-water tap is running or if has been more than 24 hours and your water appears to be white, cloudy or milky, you should contact your water supplier and request they visit your home to check for a leak in your water line. Once the leak in the pipe has been repaired, the cloudiness will disappear and your water should run clear.

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