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Why does my water look pink?

Why does my water look pink? - article image
21 Mar 2017 Océane Bidault

Pink water is likely from potassium permanganate, a chemical used to treat water systems. This chemical is used to remove bacterial growth, dissolved iron minerals, toxic compounds, manganese and hydrogen sulphide, which can cause your tap water to smell like rotten eggs. Although harmless, if used, pink water can cause stains on your hands, body, clothes and fixtures, so avoid using the water until your taps return to running clear.

What causes my water to look pink?

Potassium permanganate is added to treat water, often before the standard treatment steps and removed through filtration and disinfection. Irregular quantities or mechanical failures can cause an excess amount being released during treatment, turning your water bright pink. Despite the water systems working to remove the permanganate by flushing the distribution system, pink water can still reach your tap. If an individual has sensitive skin, it is advisable to use an alternative source of water for bathing until your tap water begins to run clear. You can contact your water provider for more advice on this.

What should I do if my water looks pink?

Pink water will often run clear after a short period. However, if you continue to see pink deposits in your tap water, contact your water supplier and notify them of the ongoing issue. You can also visit your water supplier’s website or social media platforms for further information and advice.

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