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  • Five Great Reasons to Drink Water

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    Five Great Reasons to Drink Water

    Drinking water has many advantages that you may not be completely familiar with. We all know the importance of water in keeping us hydrated, but did you know it can assist in weight loss, for example? Here we look at six ways in which drinking water can benefit the body. 1. Water as an aid to losing weight Before you get too excited, water should definitely not be seen as the answer to all things weight loss. It can, however, play an effective part in a weight loss strategy. Swapping out cans of pop or other drinks for water will help shave off a few calories here and there, and eating filling water-rich foods is healthy and also offers a low-calorie alternative to fat-laden foods. 2. Water keeps your skin shining Yes, good old- fashioned water can help keep your skin shiny and healthy looking. The reason being, the skin contains a lot of water. If you don’t drink water you can end up getting dehydrated and dehydration causes the skin to look dryer and wrinkled. 3. Water keeps the bowels functioning normally Water can help prevent constipation by keeping things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract. And moving swiftly on… 4. Water helps the kidneys On a similar line, water also helps keep the kidneys functioning properly. To best know if you are getting enough water to filter your kidneys, you can… (squeamish people look away now)… examine your urine. If it’s clear and flows freely while giving off no odour, then you’re drinking enough. However, if your urine is darker in colour it means you, perhaps, haven’t drank enough water. 5. Water helps energise the muscles Drinking plenty of water is important in helping to energise the muscles too. This is especially the case when exercising. If you don’t drink enough water during a workout, your body cells may not maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes start to shrivel, which can then result in muscle fatigue.

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