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Waterlogic upgrade systems due to growth, what does this mean for you?


Due to our continued growth and your customer loyalty, we are excited to share with you that we are upgrading our system to ensure you continue to receive the best possible customer experience. A dedicated team of consultants, developers, and experts, from our own business have been working away in the background to build a system that is not only fit for purpose but also fit for growth. We are now in a position to excitedly say that our new system goes live next month.


We have put together some FAQ’s designed to answer any questions you may have about the system upgrade and any changes you may see.

Q. Why are you changing systems?

A. Due to our continued growth and our customer loyalty, we are now at a stage where our systems need an upgrade to ensure you continue to receive the best possible customer experience. We have been aware for some time that our current operating system is out of date and lacks the capabilities for us to give the level of service that is expected in the current day.

Q. When does/did this change happen?

A. Our new system goes/went LIVE from 04th April 2022.

Q. So what improvements will I see?

A. The improvements are many and vast, but some examples will be clearer documentation with more information. For example, you will now get a repair report by email within 24 hours of work being completed. Along with sanitise and service reports, we will also have a new engineer tracking system where we can advise where the engineer is, and when we are due to be with you. Our new livestock system will also show us exactly what parts each engineer has on their vehicle and what stock we have in the warehouse. All the above will improve our level of communication with you.

Q. Do my account details change?

A. Our system will generate a new account reference number for all customers. Previously you would have had two account references from our system, and our Sage payment system. This change should make ordering and invoicing easier for you.

Q. What will I need to do?

A. You will need to update your internal payment systems with your new account number, and any internal ordering systems you have. In the short to medium term, we will still be able to find your account on the new system with your old account number if you need to contact us.

Q. Will my invoice look different?

A. Your invoice will look a little different making them easier to understand and with the important information you need clearly outlined. They will also have your new account number reference.

You will notice some additional invoice prefixes and the meaning of these is as follows.

  • CR = Customer Credit (generated from our new system, LIVE from 04th April 2022
  • CD = Customer Debit/Credit
  • AD = Advanced Invoice (Proforma)
  • EX = Imported from our legacy system (invoices pre-April 2022)
  • II "INSTINV" = Instant Customer Invoice/Credit (the value will inform whether this is a Credit/Debit)
  • PR = Preliminary Customer Invoice

Q. Will how you invoice me change?

A. Nothing will change, and you will still be invoiced exactly as you are now. If you would like to amend the email address we send invoices to, please let us know via or via our Webchat on

Q. Will I still have a delivery and invoice account?

A. If this is how you were setup in our legacy system, then we will mirror this in our new system, meaning you will have a unique Account Number for your Invoice Account and a unique Account Number(s) for your Delivery Account(s)

Q. Do your bank details change?

A. There are no changes to our bank details, so you can continue to pay us as you do now.

Q. Will my service levels change?

A. In the very short term as our staff get used to the new system our response times may be a little slower. However, we have plans in place to ensure that will not be the case for any significant length of time.

Q. Are any of your contact numbers or email addresses changing?

A. There will be no changes to any of our contact numbers or email addresses.