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  • Getting More Water into Your Diet

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    Getting More Water into Your Diet

    So you know that you need to drink more water to stay healthy, whilst keeping yourself active and feeling good, but how can you incorporate more water into your diet? Well, the interesting thing is that you can actually 'eat' water as well as drink it, so the pressure isn't on you to get your target eight glasses a day from the office water coolers, or bottled water dispensers. Eating your water basically means increasing your intake of fresh foods. All food comprises a large proportion of water; even dense, protein-rich foods, such as meat are up to 70 per cent water! But vegetables and fruit are around 90% water and contain plenty of vitamins, minerals and fibre too. If you increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, you'll automatically increase your water intake, and start to really notice the effects. Fruit and vegetables are unique in that they have a large selection of nutrients in them, which will restore and support your body's natural system. The fibre will help your digestive system, the vitamins will help your body's natural processes and the pure, filtered water will help to hydrate you, leading to better health, glowing skin and plenty more energy. Try eating fruit for breakfast with some natural yoghurt, or sprinkling berries over your cereal. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are a great choice too, especially when mixed with a little fresh water to reduce the sugary effect on your teeth. Try vegetable soups for lunch and a big vegetable salad for dinner; choose from an assortment of vegetables, and experiment with different flavours. For drinks, you should find that you feel increasingly well and hydrated anyway, but opt for plain water with a squeeze of lemon, or natural herbal teas for additional health benefits and a great taste.

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