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  • The benefits of a hot water boiler for employee productivity

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    The benefits of a hot water boiler for employee productivity

    There are many advantages of installing a hot water boiler in the office kitchen. A hot water boiler is self-explanatory in that this kitchen appliance will boil hot water straight from the tap. There are however, differences between a kettle or hot water dispenser. The ease and convenience of having instant piping hot water at any time from a hot water boiler makes this appliance a true blessing. The amount of time, money and energy saved from waiting on water to boil is invaluable, especially in the busy and hectic work environment. Hot water boilers are useful for mixing oatmeal, making sauces, soups, noodles, pasta, and of course the usual beverages like tea, hot chocolate and coffee. When working in an office or any other environment, nobody can afford to waste time, yet much of an employee’s time is squandered in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to do its job so that they can get on with their job! If you were to install a hot water boiler in the office, not only would a vast amount of time be saved but also energy and cost. Fast-paced working should be matched with a fast paced hot water boiler. Unlike a kettle, both wall-mounted or table top hot water boilers are connected to existing plumbing and provide an endless supply of water. In addition to saving money on your electricity bill they are also energy efficient. Depending on the model hot water boilers can provide from 140 to 180 cups of boiling water an hour, thus removing the need for continual boiling of a kettle, saving valuable time and electricity over traditional office hot water supplies. As they have extremely insulated hot tanks they can be left on throughout the day and even during the weekend without having to use extra energy to heat a stove or run a microwave. Most hot water dispensers are available in attractive sleek and modern styles that are easy to maintain and clean. Access to clean water it always important and some tanks holding the water grow bacteria within emitting unpleasant odours and tastes. The filtration system that is built into the hot water boiler not only provides the best tasting water for hot beverages but it also reduces the build-up of scale ensuring you never get any scum on the top of your drink. As the boiling water is used up the unit automatically refills with water however, the amount of water boiling and its temperature can be manually controlled to suite the individual. The hot water boiler dispenses water from a tap or at the mere touch of a button whenever you want, the benefits of installing this appliance are endless. The initial cost of purchase and installation of some hot water boilers may be high, but the added convenience and reduced energy costs makes them a worthwhile investment for any work place. Whether you have a small or large office, no one can deny the advantage of having a hot water boiler in the work place kitchen. This perfect appliance dispenses water with no mess or fuss so swapping the old kettle for a hot water boiler may not be such a bad idea.

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