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  • The benefits of pure filtered water compared to water straight from the tap

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    The benefits of pure filtered water compared to water straight from the tap

    Drinking sufficient amounts of water has become a recent fitness craze for people searching for the greatest health benefits. Tap water has long been the main source of hydration for consumers but companies that sell bottled water are rapidly expanding to meet supply demands. The only way to ensure drinking water is pure and contaminant-free is by using a filtration system. A water filtration system removes more dangerous contaminants than any other purification method. Bacteria are commonly found in the home water supply as local water treatment facilities cannot guarantee the control of bacterial contaminants in the water. Not all bacteria are harmful but filtered water eliminates the chance of a dangerous bacterial outbreak. Cryptosporidium, bacteria regularly found in tap water, can affect the digestive tract which eventually suppresses the immune system. Filtering water lets you control the quality of your drinking water. When you know what is in your water then you feel happy about drinking it. The taste of regular tap water can be affected by chemicals such as chlorine. Using a filter will purify the taste and acts as the last line of defence between the body and the impurities existing in water. A filtered water system allows you to get the most health benefits out of water. The levels of toxins in tap water compromise the health benefits of the water. Regulating water through a filtered system removes most impurities before you drink them. Any steps to reduce the contamination in your water supply will be beneficial to your family's well-being. Lead exposure is one of the greatest health hazards associated with drinking unfiltered water. Tap water in your home water supply is treated but as it travels to your house it can pick up traces of lead. Using pure filtered water in place of tap water for cooking is healthier as the number of toxins and metallic particles are reduced. Cooking at high temperatures destroys bacterial organisms found in water but some foods are not cooked at high enough temperatures or cooked long enough to destroy all bacteria. Water Coolers dispense filtered water at chilled or ambient temperatures and are an accessible source for clean water. Drinking water coolers are ideal for places like gyms, schools and offices where high usage is likely. The availability and convenience of fresh, chilled water is improved with water dispensers. There are benefits for drinking purified water irrespective of the filtration method. Running water through a filter can eliminate substances such as chlorine and other excess minerals, thus improving the taste and smell of water. Clean and healthy water is essential to children’s mental and physical development. Knowing what is in the water that you drink is important and using pure filtered water lets you control your well-being.