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  • Water Delivery Service: A Great Option for Bottled Water Coolers 

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    Water Delivery Service: A Great Option for Bottled Water Coolers 

    One of the best ways to get a bottled water cooler is to order one online and have it delivered to your door. Bottled-fed water coolers are the perfect solution for businesses trying to hydrate clients on a limited budget. All of our designs require minimal maintenance, you’ll only need to replace the bottle periodically, and we will remain on hand to support you with any technical problems. If you want an eco-friendly, minimalist and cost-effective water solution, bottled water coolers are the way to go. When you order a new water dispenser, you want to have it operational ASAP. To reflect this, we make it our primary aim to bring you pure, high quality water, to get your water supply up and running immediately. All of our water coolers can be delivered through our specialist water delivery service. Our water delivery service brings your water cooler to you and minimises the time spent waiting and installing, so you can hit the ground running. Our national delivery service boasts 14 service and distribution centres spread out across the country, but for all our orders we seek to take a local approach. As soon as your order comes through it is passed to you nearest distribution centre where our British Water Cooler Association approved, CRB checked drivers, prepare your package for delivery. Our specialist delivery vehicles are outfitted to carry water coolers, bottles and accessories to you. Regardless of whether you need a mains-fed or bottle water cooler, our efficient delivery system will get it to you in good condition.

    In addition, we can accommodate specialist delivery requirements. Many clients need deliveries to multiple sites, and we are well placed to carry those out. As part of our delivery service, our drivers act as our on the go consultants. This means that if you have any questions or problems, our drivers are the first port of call. In the event that you have a technical issue, we have sanitation engineers to address your concerns. For us, successful delivery doesn’t stop at your door; it stops when your product is up and running. We ensure that every water cooler is easy to setup. After you receive your cooler, you’ll find that installation is quick and easy. For you, this means less time assembling and more time enjoying refreshments. All of our products require minimal setup time. Also, we also provide hot water dispensers to ensure your hot beverages are free of any impurities. Below are some of the best bottle-fed water coolers available for delivery. All of these models require minimum setup time and can hydrate your business.

    Bottle-fed water coolers for Deliveries

    Bottle-fed water coolers are one of the most versatile water supply options available on the market today. These models are extremely cost effective, as bottles can be easily replaced. As mentioned above, bottle-fed water coolers are a cost-effective option, so you won’t need to spend an extortionate amount of money to get a high quality water supply. Also, bottle-fed water coolers require minimum maintenance. Empty bottles will need to be replaced, but beyond that, you are good to go. One of our most popular models for delivery is the Glacier Bottle-Fed Freestanding Water Cooler. The sophisticated Greek column design would fit in well in any modern office without taking up too much space. The cooler itself has an inbuilt heating and cooling system to ensure that all water is delivered to the desired temperature. Those that decide to purchase a freestanding water cooler will find the temperature control systems to be top notch. In the case of unwanted spillages, a removable drip tray helps to mop up any unwanted spillages. The Glacier cooler is available in classic black or white. The next go-to water cooler solution is the Avalanche Bottle-Fed Counter Top water cooler. Countertop water coolers are the go-to solution for businesses that don’t have the floor space to accommodate a freestanding water cooler. The Avalanche water cooler is small and compact making it ideal for deliveries and designed to be placed conveniently on a kitchen or office counter. ‘Evaporator brand’ cooling technology keeps your water fresh and pure.

    The Avalanche water cooler is easy-to-use and portable so you can move it around until you find that sweet spot. For cold water, the internal chiller ensures that your water stays cool for consumption. Of course, if you have space, you may opt to go for the Glacier model so as to benefit from increased performance capabilities.