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  • Water And Its Incredible Journey To Your Tap

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    Water And Its Incredible Journey To Your Tap

    The journey of water before it reaches our taps is an interesting one. It begins with a mixture of water, be it from rain, reservoirs or other manmade resources, which is then transported via a number of pipes to the nearest treatment works. Once there, the water has to be cleaned up (as you can imagine!). Once it is filtered, it is then pushed along pipes, known as trunk mains. Depending on the land these pipes are running through, the water may pass through these trunk mains – which often measure upwards of 1.5 metres in diameter – either using gravity, or via pumps if the land is particularly flat. These pipes are typically paired together, so even if one breaks, bursts, or is otherwise out of action, the water can always still run along the other pipe. The next destination for water to visit before it reaches your taps is either an underground service reservoir or a good old fashioned water tower. If the water is directed to a water tower, it will be pumped to the top, before gravity then takes over in order to transport it to homes, factories and other such buildings. There is one last part to the journey however, involving smaller mains and large networks of pipes across towns and cities. It can often take up to a week for the water to get from the treatment works to your tap, and typically chlorine is added to the water to make sure it is still clean when it comes out of your tap. So there you have it, the journey of water to your tap is a lot more involved than you might think!