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  • Workplace Workout - 6 Exercises You Can Do While Sat at Your Desk

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    Workplace Workout - 6 Exercises You Can Do While Sat at Your Desk

    With many of us spending many hours working at a desk, it can be hard to stay fit. Busy schedules usually play a significant role in an individual’s ability to exercise and get in shape. If you spend most of your day sitting behind a desk, you’ll probably find it hard to stay active at work. Obviously, not all of our offices have fitness facilities on site or sponsored yoga for employees. Instead of paying for a gym membership or deciding that you are no longer going to taste a biscuit in your life, have you considered workplace workouts? Workplace workouts are literally what they say they are: exercises that one can do at work. These include exercises that you can do at your desk. Therefore, you can work these exercises into your daily schedule without having to spend a lot of time or money. It means that you will no longer feel guilty whenever you reach for a cake because your will have burned off excess calories while you were working. So where can you get started? Almost everyone can try desk exercises, which can be done in almost any office. Here are the top 6 exercises you can do while sat at your desk: 1. Stretching Exercises The best place for office workers to start when they spend many hours tied to a desk is to do stretching exercises. Having a good stretch every 30 minutes will make a significant difference to your health because it prevents your back and your spine from getting compressed. To start with, stand up and slowly roll your shoulders forward. With your arms outstretched, go on your toes. Then slowly lower your hands as you breathe out gently. Lower your tip toes and let your arms go limp so you are properly standing once more. Continue going down and bending at the hip region until you reach as far down as you can. Gently stand up while breathing in. Do this exercise once or twice, and you’ll be fully prepared to continue working at your desk job! 2. Leg Straightener Sit forward away from your backrest and raise one leg approximately three inches from the floor. Then, compress your leg muscles for up to ten seconds. Relax the muscles and repeat the exercise twice on each leg each day. Since this exercise helps to work the quadriceps, the large muscle on the front part of your thigh, it can help boost circulation. This exercise can also aid in hip and knee balance and stability. 3. The Bouncer This is an excellent simple workout that you can do all through the day at your desk, and it suitable for some reasons. First of all, it is entirely silent, so it does not disturb other people in the workplace. Secondly, it is incredibly easy to learn and do. Moreover, it can substantially increase some calories that you burn off each day. While sitting at your desk, rest your feet naturally and then, move them towards your body by approximately half a foot. Just let your toes touch the floor while your heels are around an inch from the ground. Now start bouncing. Many people prefer to bounce one foot at a time while listening to music. 4. Chair Dips To do this simple exercise, simply get seated with your hand holding the front of your seat. Take your bottom away and in front of your seat, bending your arms. Take yourself up and repeat 15 times. 5. Chair Squats Stand up in front of your chair and stretch your arms forward. Bend back as if you are sitting on the chair. Bring yourself up again and repeat 15 times. 6. Desk Push Ups First of all, stand a couple of inches away your desk while keeping your legs together. Put your hands on the edges of your desk, your shoulders breadth apart. Lower yourself on the edge of the desk, so you chest gets as far down as possible and then get back up. Be sure to breathe out on your way up. To counteract the adverse effects of your busy schedule, it is vital to exercise. Regular exercise is important for the physical health and wellbeing of an individual, but knowing this might not be enough incentive to get some office workers active. Fortunately, many studies have shown that doing desk exercises at work can lead to a productive, successful and happy work experience. These six workouts can easily be done at work to help you keep up with your health and fitness goals. So why not try one of them today?