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  • 3 reasons your kettle is costing your company a small fortune

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    3 reasons your kettle is costing your company a small fortune

    The kettle, is undoubtedly, important in your business. It is the place where staff will share some of their best ideas, where they will get to know each other and unwind a little, after a fraught hour or two at a project and so on.

    Making a cup of tea or coffee is also something that many people do in times of crisis too; a cup of tea can cure every situation, and a coffee can be a great way to start a business meeting off too.

    As much as love our kettle, it is a piece of apparatus, however, that is costing you more than what you think – and not just in the way that you think. But, before you assume that this means grabbing the kettle and chucking it in the bin, causing anarchy in the office, you will be pleased to know that once the problem is identified, that there is a brilliant solution…

    3 reasons why the kettle costs you money…

    1. Waiting for the kettle to boil

    Waiting for a full kettle to boil can seem like a life time. The latest, highly efficient rated kettles can boil in under 2 and a half minutes, enough to make 4 cups. So, 12 staff would mean 3 full kettles, making at least 7 and a half minutes but then there will be time in between… and before you know it, the time needed to boil the kettle and make a hot drink will now be costing the company time as well as money for the surge of electricity needed to boil it several times IN A DAY.

    So an average of 10 minutes per tea making session could easily translate in to 30 minutes or more, per day, of staff boiling water. Multiply this over the course of a week, and you have hours lost gathering around the kettle.

    1. Electricity costs

    The cost of energy is ever increasing. From 2011 to 2013 inclusive, the Big Six energy companies in the UK have increased their prices by 36%. For some companies, the price of electricity they buy from suppliers is higher than the domestic rate. And thus, the biggest variable for many a business in the UK is the annual or monthly energy bill.

    And who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bill? In fact, the UK Government are positively encouraging it. From making your properties as energy efficient as possible, to using less energy there is a whole variety of encouraging schemes and the like to aid businesses of all sizes to decrease their energy bill.

    However, using energy smarter is also a key modern-day need too, thus, boiling a kettle over and over again, is not a smart way of using energy.

    One of the Big Six say that it take one unit of electricity to boil the equivalent of 12 pints, so if your kettle holds 2 pints when full. Multiply this by the number of times that the kettle is boiled in your work place in one day and multiply this by the numbers of working days you have in a year and you could be looking at hundreds of pounds. For some larger companies, boiling the kettle could cost you on average £5,000 a year, a huge figure!

    • Replacing it

    However, kettles don’t last forever and even the domestic kettle faces a lot of use; the ‘industrial’ use that a kettle undergoes in a workplace will soon wear the element out, meaning that you could be buying more than one kettle a year…

    The solution

    There is, however, a solution that will save you both time and money. In fact, it could seriously slash your energy bill by a considerable amount.

    And what is the miracle answer? Hot water boilers.

    The bulk of the energy used to boil a kettle is when the kettle is first switched on. Boiling cold water takes far longer than if the water is already tepid, warm or hot. In a water boiler, once the water is at temperature – that is, boiling – the hot water boiler maintains it at this temperature.

    As it is used, the water used is replaced and the efficient water boiler heats the water to desired temperature once again. So, whenever you go to make a cup of tea, there is hot water waiting.

    But surely, if it is always on, it is constantly using energy? It is, but over the course of a day, week or year, it is using far less to maintain heat than it is to boil water from cold. The amount you save in your company could vary considerably but, the beauty of such a heater is that there are many difference sizes and capacities on offer, thus the smaller business to the larger corporation will all be able to save money on energy bills.

    And with us all needing to not only use less energy, but use it smarter, a hot water boiler makes more sense.