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  • Seven Top Tips For Keeping Your Office Clutter Free

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    Seven Top Tips For Keeping Your Office Clutter Free

    Clutter and mess can make it hard to work, distract your attention and give people the impression of unprofessionalism and disorganisation. Follow our top tips to help you stay clutter-free.

    Having a tidy workplace is essential for workplace productivity. You need to know exactly where everything is and how to access it. Being tidy and organised can save you time through your work tasks as well as making your life easier and keep you focused.

    Having a clutter free office is also important for portraying a professional and controlled environment. People will often make assumptions about you based on your workspace. Having a cluttered office may put off clients or make your boss think that you are not managing your workload effectively. Trying to keep everything neat and tidy will not only help you and your work, but it'll also boost the impression others have of you. If you need motivation to get your space clear and presentable, try our seven top tips.

    Seven Steps To A Clutter-Free Office

    What Is Important?

    We often keep a wealth of post-it notes attached to our monitor, clippings and reference material attached to wall or noticeboard and masses of paperwork on the desk because we believe them to be important. But do they deserve desk space? Clutter happens because we think everything needs to be at hand, but when was the last time you used it? If it’s not referred to at least weekly, it doesn’t need to be there. If you’d forgotten it was even there, just get rid of it.

    Decide Where To Keep Things

    In an office, people may need to access different items more than others. This often leads people to move things from their usual tidy place to somewhere more convenient for them. This tends to create clutter.

    Initially, get people to organise their desk drawers in order of importance. Items frequently used should be close to hand and less important items need to be kept further away. When each desk is organised, work out where clutter ends up and from where. You may be able to redesign the office layout to make items easier to access for the people who need them.

    Go Cable Free

    Often the most common reason for offices and desks to look untidy is loose cables. If it’s possible, opt for as many cable free devices as possible to limit the number of wires. If not, opt for smart cable management tools, cable ties and hideaways to keep all the cables under control and neat. This not only makes a tidy space, but it’s good practice for healthy and safety management.

    Opt For Extra Storage

    A reason for office mess is often because there isn't enough storage. Unfortunately, clutter quickly becomes invisible as it seems always to be there. Take a fresh look at your office and see what items have been taking up space for so long because there has been nowhere else to store it. Adding a cupboard or extra furniture is often needed to get rid of the clutter that seems to have taken residency in your office.

    Give Everything A Home

    Mess can occur because people are not sure where items live. Make sure you and your team are clear on where things belong, and this will help them to find things in the future. Label cupboards, shelves, and drawers so everyone knows where everything belongs and it can easily be retrieved and tidied away once finished. Adopt this policy with your desk; it will help you to become more efficient because you know where everything is and it can be retrieved quickly.

    Try A Clear Desk Evening Policy

    How could you increase your productivity in the mornings? Make sure you feel ready to start the day by opting for a clear desk policy. At the end of the day, take five minutes to clear the space, put things back to where they belong and throw unnecessary items and rubbish away. This way, you’ll start every day with a positive and tidy space.

    Monthly Cleaning Time

    Every office is guilty of keeping things around for longer than they need them. Every month get a team of people together to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Common culprits are out of date messages on the notice board and leftover food items. Try to clear out everything that is no longer needed. Make sure you tidy away the things that seemed to have crept out of their storage area.