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  • Bottled Water vs. Energy Drinks

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    Bottled Water vs. Energy Drinks

    In the bottled water versus energy drinks debate, it helps to look at the facts. Energy drinks are often promoted with substantial marketing campaigns. It's no coincidence that many of the major brands are owned by carbonated drinks conglomerates, which see the vast revenue potential of energy drinks, amidst their family of brands. Today's energy drinks may feature pictures of athletes and top sports people, but the labels are worth carefully scrutinising. In many cases, they will contain sugar and additives, far more so than the beneficial ingredients they include such as vitamins, herbal extracts or minerals. They also tend to be rather pricey. After all, marketing campaigns need paying for. In contrast, bottled water is simple, plain and unadulterated. Unlike sugary energy drinks, it doesn't contain sugar, additives or calories. It provides exactly what your body needs: pure H2O. Bottled water dispensers filled with fresh spring or mineral water will provide natural minerals, but at levels that your body can use naturally. Water is, moreover, far more cost effective. In contrast with branded energy drinks, you're not required to pay for those television campaigns. Office water coolers are a contributor to maintaining morale, well-being and overall health in the office. There are a range of different types now available. Mains-fed coolers plug directly into the mains water supply, chilling and filtering the water so that it tastes cool and pure. Bottled water coolers are filled with chilled bottled spring water. At Angel Springs we use a national distribution network. Our bottled coolers are filled with locally sourced spring water, for extra 'green' points and a lower carbon footprint. For those who prefer their water hot, we provide eco boilers for instant hot drink preparation. This saves on energy costs and minimises environmental impact. These can be installed in communal areas such as kitchens, in addition to reception, break-out zones and natural gathering points. They'll also be welcomed by visiting customers.

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