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  • Its Christmas Time, Fresh Water and Wine

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    Its Christmas Time, Fresh Water and Wine

    Ok so it might be taking a little bit of poetic license with the Sir Cliff song, but drinking plenty of water over the festive period is much more important than sharing a kiss under the mistletoe – especially if you’re drinking plenty of wine! Christmas is the season of indulgences, however, and more than a few of us are likely to end up having a drink or two as we go to work Christmas parties or even as we gorge ourselves on turkey, nut roast or whatever your household eats during the festive period. Factor in the probability of exercise being shelved somewhat over the build up to Christmas (unless you count the carrying of shopping bags to the car), and you’ve got the recipe for a very unhealthy December. Drinking water can help alleviate some of the negatives of the Christmas period though. If you intersperse water breaks with your usual tipple it will help combat the hangover before it begins. But on the day after, continuing to drink plenty more water will keep you hydrated and feeling a bit better, and you could even count the walk to the water cooler as a little bit of an exercise! (Although a tad more than that is obviously recommended). Keeping up with your five a day is another good way to keep yourself hydrated over the festive period. Instead of reaching for a second mince pie, look for an apple or orange instead. Of course, the main thing about Christmas is to enjoy yourself, hopefully with these tips you can make sure you continue to feel in a good mood the day after the party too!