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  • Cold Water Dispensers – Cold, Chilled and Ambient Water on Tap

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    Cold Water Dispensers – Cold, Chilled and Ambient Water on Tap

    Nothing oozes refreshment like a cool cup of water. Whether you’re running a sauna or a gym, there’s nothing that screams customer service like having a high quality water supply on hand. Fresh, high quality water shows your commitment to being eco-friendly and the overall refreshment of your clients. Cold water dispensers come in a variety of forms, so whatever your needs there are a variety of temperature options our there for you to choose from. Many of our dispensers offer you cold, chilled and ambient water purified through different methods. Mains-fed water coolers are the go to method for companies that want high output, premium tasting water solutions. Mains-fed water coolers are easy to use and cost effective. All you need is to hook up your water cooler to your main water supply and a power source, and you’re good to go. You won’t need to store additional bottles, and you can be sure that you’ll never run out of water! Mains-fed coolers minimise human contact with the water supply (compared to bottle-fed water supplies) and ensure that any contamination is kept to an absolute minimum. Below we take a look at some of our best mains-fed water coolers, so you can find the model that's right for you.

    Angel Waterlogic WL4 One of the most versatile models on the market is the Angel Waterlogic WL4. The WL4 is an advanced water cooler that’s easy to use. The flashy internal components include Firewall UV technology, which helps to keep the water clean and hygienic. The UV technology purifies the water with UV rays to get rid of microbiological contamination, resulting in clear and fresh tasting water. For hospitality companies, gyms and saunas, the WL4 is an excellent model for refreshing water. The UV technology and the 2-stage carbon filtration process helps to cut out any undesirable chemicals like chlorine that can affect the taste of water. If this wasn’t enough, the WL4 makes use of advanced filtering chambers to ensure the easy extraction of large quantities of water. This means less time stood waiting, and less time to refreshment. Water dispensed can range from hot, extra hot, cold and sparkling, making the WL4 ideal for reception and kitchen areas alike. This model has a high output, capable of handling ten cold cups at once, and 50 cold cups per hour.

    Angel Waterlogic WL2000 Departing from the WL4’s internal system, the WL2000 takes an innovative approach to clean water, with unique, direct chill technology to provide, clean chilled water to the user. Most water coolers will chill water over a long period and store in a container, but this system draws water straight from the source. The water is then chilled to a sub-zero temperature and kept within an isolated tank. By the time the water gets to you, it’s been filtered to give you fresh drinking water. The WL2000 thrives in an office environment, but its versatility would suit it well in saunas and gyms. With regards to performance, the WL2000 can produce 4 cups at once, and 50 cold cups per hour!

    Angel Waterlogic WL2500 Much like the WL4, the WL2500 utilises UV purification to give you clean and good tasting drinking water on tap. The UV technology will ensure that any bacteria have been eliminated without tampering with the natural flavour of the water. Crucially, this means that no chemicals are added to clean the water. The capacity of the WL2500 makes it a good choice for factories, offices and canteens. This model is available as a freestanding or counter top model depending on your needs. The countertop variation can be an excellent choice for environments where space is in short supply (If required, WL2500’s go well together in numbers). Of course, the freestanding model is much more powerful, so if performance is what your looking for the freestanding model is probably your best bet. The WL2500 can put out 20 cold cups at once or 60 cold cups per hour, making it ideal for businesses with a high number of employees or clients.

    Cold Water Dispensers: The Go to for Refreshments Cold-water dispensers or mains-fed water coolers are the go to for refreshing water. The advanced technology of these systems will ensure that you get a high volume of premium water on tap. This means less time waiting, and more time drinking. With high output levels of hygienic water, it’s no surprise that mains-fed water coolers have become so popular. A bespoke water cooler can be quite the statement to complete an eco-friendly health-centric brand image.