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  • Cool down with a hot drink using a time-saving eco boiler

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    Cool down with a hot drink using a time-saving eco boiler

    In warm weather, convention has it that a chilled drink is the best way to keep cool. However, for those who love their cups of tea, the good news is that water is healthy, regardless of its temperature. Many of us can hardly bear to be parted from our hot drinks, even in the midst of summer. Happily, there are plenty of options for enjoying the best of both worlds. For example, rather than having heavy cups of black tea with milk and sugar, why not switch to light and calorie-free herbal teas? In addition to being easy on the palette, they offer a number of health benefits. In the field of alternative and naturopathic health, chamomile tea is said to have natural calming and relaxing effects. Green tea has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the metabolism and provides healthy antioxidants. White tea packs an even more powerful punch. Both green and white tea have a lovely light flavour, created using the unfermented leaves of their black tea relation. Try chai teas for rich flavours or cinnamon and ginger tea for their metabolic properties. Mint tea is good for improving digestion and freshening the breath, while nettle tea is said to be beneficial in purifying the blood and providing valuable iron content. For office workers, there are a number of ways in which you can provide staff with regular supplies of both hot and cold water. Mains fed water coolers are a good option for high volume requirements. Mains fed water coolers simply plug directly into the mains water supply, chilling and filtering the water so that it tastes both pure and cool. A range of eco boilers is available to rapidly heat water for hot drinks with those all-essential 'green' credentials. The latest models are designed to save on energy costs and carbon emissions whilst offering staff hot water on-demand.

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